Lyrics – No Time For Reality

No time for reality

Desperate for a confirmation of our own beliefs
We scour through the packets for the missing evidence

Unbeknownst to most of us
our inner mind digested, our sensitive spots requested

Struggling to justify the abandonment
with which we often deliver the penitence
Trading our souls for the convenience
of a numbness distance from the core, ready to be requested


And yet we concede, for the fear of missing out
to let our thoughts bleed and be picked up from the washout

There’s no time for reality left on this crusade

and yet we still sign in…
and yet we still sign in…
no commitment to discourse, no withdrawal from the siege
and yet we still sign in…

Unaware of our angels’ motives
We will charge them with unquestionable zeal
And until we write them off
We’ll be spinning our running wheels

Break the surface and your eye stuff
Gaze at the starry dome
see what lies beyond
Resist pressing home, resist depressing home


There’s no chance for reality left on this charade

(C) Adriano Rui Gominho

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